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Justin and I have truly been blessed so much! We were blessed with quadruplets but 2 have became our guardian angels! We know our baby boys, Addison and Levi are watching down, helping God take care of us and Wesley and Cooper. This is the start of our journey so I have decided to make this blog for updates of all of the emotions and excitement that will happen along the way! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers! Thanks to everyone for all of the congrats.! We are so excited and are thankful to have great family, friends and community that are wanting to help us! No one will ever understand how much it means to us! If it's your first time visiting our blog, start at the bottom and work your way up, or on the right hand side you can look by date.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The ticker keeps ticking!

Well here I am now into my 11th week! The pregnancy is going so great. I love to get online everyday and look at my ticker to see exactly how my babies are growing. I can honestly say I can tell I am growing week by week. Over the weekend Justin and I went with a group of amazing friends and family to the mountains. We were scared to go because we know we need to save money but we thought, "Hey, this might be our last trip before the babies so we better go and enjoy it". That is exactly what we did. We had an amazing time and it was so nice to relax and get away. While some others went to the slopes a couple of us went shopping around to the outlets and to other little local shops. It is so fun to see the expression on peoples faces whenever they hear i'm having quads. A woman that owned a little antique shop we went into (where we spent about an hour because of the amazing jewelry) had never heard of anyone having quads so of course we was so amazed and even wanted me to call her whenever the babies came, haha. I ended up just giving her the website to this blog so she could follow us! Its pretty amazing that people everywhere are so interested in this experience me and Justin are going through. 

There was a large amount of board games and other fun things at the cabin to keep us entertained. While the boys were occupied watching the race I pulled out a 750 piece puzzle. My grandpa used to always love doing puzzle so I thought hey, why not, this could be pretty fun! We started it about 8:30 before dinner and everyone joined in to help make it come together and the whole puzzle was done by around 11:00!! Come to find out when it was completed there was quite a few pieces missing, but at least you could tell what it was!! Guess I need to go buy me some puzzle's because thats something that will keep me occupied while on bed rest! Here is a photo after it was all finished!

On Monday, wonderful Valentine's Day, Casey and I went to visit Cassie and her baby boys! They are such good babies! Cassie is such a trusting mother, she left me and Casey who have hardly any experience with newborn babies with the boys while she went to pick up her son, Dylan from school. While she was gone they were soooo sweet! They just let us hold and cuddle on them while sleeping away. It was so precious to watch their little faces while they were dreaming. When Cassie got back, I got to change my first (bitsy baby) diaper. It actually went really well and I was very proud of myself! Cassie and Jared truly have been blessed with two beautiful, precious baby boys and being with them just made me so much more excited for the 4 I am going to have. I hope I will be a trusting and wonderful mother like Cassie. Here's some photos of the boys and of me getting some practice! 
 Meet Bentley and Brody!--This is me getting some much needed practice with 1 in each arm!

 This is Bentley..check him out sucking his thumb through his pacie!

 Bentley again..checking me and Casey out!

This is Brody, getting some good sleep!

Look at this little smile!!! How sweeeet!

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