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Justin and I have truly been blessed so much! We were blessed with quadruplets but 2 have became our guardian angels! We know our baby boys, Addison and Levi are watching down, helping God take care of us and Wesley and Cooper. This is the start of our journey so I have decided to make this blog for updates of all of the emotions and excitement that will happen along the way! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers! Thanks to everyone for all of the congrats.! We are so excited and are thankful to have great family, friends and community that are wanting to help us! No one will ever understand how much it means to us! If it's your first time visiting our blog, start at the bottom and work your way up, or on the right hand side you can look by date.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day!

Last year at this time we were celebrating mothers day expecting 2 little bundles of joy to arrive in September. Little did we know that not but 1 month or so later Cooper and Wesley were going to make they're debut into the world. I am so proud to be the mother of such strong boys. I can not believe they will be 1 year old in just one more month. I am so blessed to have such a great family, what more could a girl ask for. HAPPY MOTHERS day to all the moms out there!!

Easter 2012

On the go and mobile now!!!

Wesley left Cooper right
We have been very busy these days. Cooper and Wesley started crawling and pulling up around 1 month ago. They are 11 months and 8 months adjusted age. Everyday they discover a new area of the house and I am running around trying to keep them out of danger. We have baby proofed for the most part but they find something new to get them in trouble everyday. They have already some how destroyed my computer charge cord. So I have had to purchase a new one for $80. It amazes me how fast they can get into things. Just last week they started pulling up on everything. I walked into they're room and both the camera monitors were pulled down and they were standing up in the cribs looking at me like, haha. I sure am glad we decided to lower the crib height before they learned how to stand up all the way.

Wesley left  Cooper right, 8 month pictures
We plan on taking our first beach trip on May 20th for a few days. I am really excited but I am sure this is going to be a experience. I have always overpacked but we no longer have room for that. It will be interesting I think. I have purchased 2 of the Peapod travel beds and 2 portable highchairs so hopefully that will make packing a little easier. As far as eating they are chowing down on everything these days. I haven't found anything they don't like. I know they will love when they get they're very own birthday cake. I can not believe it is already time to start planning a birthday party. I'm excited to see the reaction to all the excitement.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


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Thursday, February 16, 2012

8 months old. Where does the time go!!

I am finally getting a chance to post some updates on Mr. Cooper and Mr. Wesley. It has been forever but I guess better late than never. My life has been so busy and I think I'm getting the hang of it...for now.
I'm amazed at how fast the time flies. I can't believe the boys are 8 months old already. They have started sitting up, eating solid foods, finally getting rid of reflux (thank god), & grabbing whatever they can get they're hands on. They are also getting two bottom front teeth that are taking forever to finally come in.
We've had two colds. One that lasted through the holidays. And one that turned into a ear infection that both boys had. Cooper ended up with a tiny hole in his eardrum and Wes had bronchitis. They are doing much better now. They're circumcision was scheduled for Feb. 7th and we had to cancel because they were sick:( We decided to reschedule for April 30th when cold and flu season is over. I'm not looking forward to the surgery. But I know we should go on and do it.

We have been busy hanging with our new friend Carter who was born in December. Aunt Casey is watching Cooper, Wesley and Carter 3 days a week. I do not know how she has the patience to take care of 3 babies. But I am so grateful for her and all she does for us.
Hopefully I will be able to post more often. I have got the blogger app for my phone so I don't have a excuse for not posting as much any more. We are having the boys 8 month pictures made this weekend so I should have some good pictures for my next post.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Festivities

We have been so busy these days with all the fall events. I have finally gotten a Sunday afternoon to sit and post some new pictures and fill everyone in on how "The Boys" are doing.  We are getting used to going to work everyday and finding somewhat of a routine. We have our four month check up tomorrow so I guess we will find out how much Wesley and Cooper have grown. It is hard to believe that it has already been 4 months. 
The reflux has been a challenge with projectile vomiting. But we have realized feeding the boys sitting up and making sure they are up for 30 minutes prior makes a huge difference. Both are taking Prevacid and it seems to help. But we have our accidents every once in awhile. My sister and I were at the mall a couple of weeks ago and while shopping we stopped to feed the boys.  They ate and all was well so we started off to another store. Cooper started to fuss a little so I picked him up and started walking around. Should have known not to move him but I wasn't thinking. Before I know it I have puke in my hair all over my clothes and all over Cooper. I doubt the poor guy had anything left in his stomach it was all over us. That was quite a experience, even after I washed the throw up out of my hair I kept smelling it, who knows. We have all realized it's a good idea to have a back up outfit in the car for us just incase.  Ready for the boys to grow out of the reflux. 
Wesley and Cooper are little social butterflies. They have been on quite a few outings. We have been to the Fair, to 2 weddings, a funeral, a fall festival and Trunk or Treat, a pumpkin patch, church, and of obviously shopping. They really do good out and about. But I do not go out without help yet. I haven't gotten that brave. I do not know what we would do with 4. Thank god for my sister because she has graciously given up even her Mondays off to help me take the boys to the doctor and run errands when we need to. 
Cooper at the fair

Wesley at the fair
The boys love to lay and kick around. One night they kicked so much that they wore their selves out and slept for a whole 8 hours. I woke up at 4, 5 and 6am thinking surely they will be up in another hour and they made it from 11pm to 7am. That was awesome but hasn't been repeated since. They are both smiley and happy for the most part. We are working on head control and grabbing for toys now. They are coming right along learning and growing.  I worry about their development because they were so early. Their adjusted age is only 1 month and a few days. But they seem to be moving on schedule.
This is our pumpkin patch picture made with our halloween art we made with grandma. Its our footprints made to look like ghosts. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Back To Work

We are finally 1 week away from our due date. It is amazing how much the boys have grown since they have come home.  Being with them at home was so rewarding.  I am so glad I took the time to enjoy them. Now it is time to go back to work. Thank goodness I own my own salon and the boys can come with me to work everyday until Justin gets off. Our doctor advised us not to put the boys in daycare for the 1st year since they were premature. We all made it through our first week, our first earthquake, and Hurricane Irene. It was defiantly a eventful week but we took it in stride and had a great week back at work. I am so lucky because my awesome sister is nice enough to take time to watch the boys while I work. It is so nice to be able to have them with me and I love introducing them to all my clients. They are like family to me so I am so glad they can finally meet them.

We won a years worth of free photography in a ultrasound picture contest back when we found out we were having quads. The photographers name is Michelle LaPrade and I couldn't have asked for better photos. She did such a great job, as you can see. These are just a few I picked but they were all so good.

At our 2 month doctor appointment Cooper weighed 6lbs 5oz and Wesley weighed 6lbs. They are 11 weeks now and I would say both are right at 7lb or a little over. It is amazing how fast they are growing.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Coming home!!

Wesley and Cooper had been making progress with bottle feedings and had no episodes in a week. By the start of last week the feeding tubes were out and both boys were taking every meal by bottle. They told me to bring their car seats in because it would be next week sometime when we would be bringing them home. Thursday July 28th the nurse called me that morning and told me that we should be making plans to spend the night and that we could bring the babies home tomorrow. I just kept thinking I would get to the hospital and they would have changed their mind. But when I got there that day they had started scheduling everything for our discharge.
We came to the hospital that night and practiced giving the boys a bath and spent one sleepless night in the NICU parenting rooms. They pretty much let you have a practice run and hook the baby up to a monitor so they can see how the baby does for the night with eating and things. By the end of the night we were so tired so we packed up and headed home to get things ready and rest before our first night with the boys at home.

That Friday night we got to the hospital around 6:30 and fed the boys for the last time in the NICU. The best part was they were wireless so we didn't have to worry about beeping. We got our paper work signed and as soon as my mom got there with the coming home outfits (that had just arrived) we dressed the boys and got them in the car seats ready to go. We were so excited but pretty nervous considering we were bringing home two 5 pound little babies. Here we are strapped in and ready to head home

Our first night home wasn't to bad but I think we were mostly running on adrenaline. We slept probably 3 hours. The boys did good though they probably thought, what have we got ourselves into these guys have no clue what they are doing. Im sure they think mommy is crazy because I check to see if they are breathing quite frequently. Thank god for the Angel care monitor or I would never sleep. Our little family has had to adapt to change alot this year. I'm hoping the next 6 months of our life together will be full of fun and great moments and that all the troublesome things are behind us. We are so blessed to have such smart and healthy boys. And especially lucky to have been able to bring them home together. Thanks again for all the prayers and support. I will to keep updating maybe not as frequent considering my life is getting more and more hectic these days.