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Justin and I have truly been blessed so much! We were blessed with quadruplets but 2 have became our guardian angels! We know our baby boys, Addison and Levi are watching down, helping God take care of us and Wesley and Cooper. This is the start of our journey so I have decided to make this blog for updates of all of the emotions and excitement that will happen along the way! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers! Thanks to everyone for all of the congrats.! We are so excited and are thankful to have great family, friends and community that are wanting to help us! No one will ever understand how much it means to us! If it's your first time visiting our blog, start at the bottom and work your way up, or on the right hand side you can look by date.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oranges in my belly!

I am now at 17 weeks! According to my baby growing chart, Wesley and Cooper are the length of a large orange. I should now start to really feel them kick and move around really good! I can't wait because, it's sort of a reassuring feeling that nothing is wrong. The swelling in my feet have gone down a large amount and I feel like I am not growing as fast. Justin and I are trying to stay as positive as we can and know that God is only leading us in the path that we need to go down. We are still saddened by the loss of our sweet Levi and Addison but know they are getting well taken care of up in Heaven and looking over us making sure Wesley, Cooper and I are all ok!

17 week Belly shots!

On Sunday after church, some friends gave us a community baby shower! It was a huge success and we got tons of awesome things! I can not believe how many people we have supporting us even after everything has happened. It makes Justin and I so thankful to have such wonderful people in our lives. Everything about the shower was amazing, thank you so much Cindy, Laura, Dani, Jade, Rob and Drew and anyone else who helped for all of the hard work! After the shower Justin, Casey and I headed home to start on the organizing. My car and Casey's car were full to the max we even had to put some things in my friend Brandi's because it wouldn't all fit! Justin and Casey made about 7 trips a piece up and down the steps to get everything upstairs. It was pretty incredible how much stuff we got! Thanks to everyone who came out to the shower to help support us, you will never know how much it means to us! We thought we were going to get to have a doctors appointment yesterday but because my care is officially turned over to Baptist we have to wait until next week. All we can do is keep praying things are still going well with Wesley and Cooper. Since I couldn't go to the doctor I did some early nesting to the babies rooms. I got everything all put away and even made 2 trips to Target to get some organizing items to make sure the babies rooms are going to be well kept and neat. Justin and I are so happy with everything we got and we still have 2 more baby showers to go! Below are just a few photos from the shower. To see all of them you can go to our facebook page, just search for Masencup Quads if you aren't already our friend!

The Nate Show update!----Our show will air on April 6th at 11:00 on Fox! Make sure you set your DVR's or watch! It will be our first time watching it as well, and we can't wait to see it!

Cute center pieces!

Beautiful Diaper Cake by Jade Tate

Wonderful Grandmothers!

Hand made blankets and hats! 

Smiling ear to ear for all the exciting gifts!!! 

Start of the long table full of goodies...these are the shots from the left side of the table all the way to the right.
 Shot 2
 Shot 3
 Shot 4
 Shot 5
Shot 6
 Yayyy pack and plays!
 Another wonderful diaper cake!
 Diapers diapers diapers!

Wonderful money and gift cards that are going to come in such handy!

Other shot of the diaper cake!


  1. Prayers and good thoughts coming to you and your family. I think about you daily, and am sending prayers to you and your twins. The Lord is looking after your other set of twins. I am so sorry for your loss, but your gain needs the prayers as well. ~Jenn in Brown Summit.

  2. Your 2 babies and 2 angels are all in my thoughts. What an absolutely beautiful shower. :D

  3. Awww, my friend just directed me to your blog. Congrats on your boys. She told me about you because my two boys, 21 months apart, are Wesley 3 years, and Cooper 16 months!!! Cool. You picked some pretty great names!!!

  4. What a wonderful shower, no wonder you were so happy, you are well loved and thought of!

    Continuing to think of you and the twins x