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Justin and I have truly been blessed so much! We were blessed with quadruplets but 2 have became our guardian angels! We know our baby boys, Addison and Levi are watching down, helping God take care of us and Wesley and Cooper. This is the start of our journey so I have decided to make this blog for updates of all of the emotions and excitement that will happen along the way! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers! Thanks to everyone for all of the congrats.! We are so excited and are thankful to have great family, friends and community that are wanting to help us! No one will ever understand how much it means to us! If it's your first time visiting our blog, start at the bottom and work your way up, or on the right hand side you can look by date.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

8 weeks...showing already?!?!?!

I have never been one to want to put pictures of myself being pregnant on the computer but here are some anyways. Only so everyone can watch the quad belly grow! :)

Mug shot!

Being silly! Another mug shot! haha!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday Blessings!

It's the Sunday after we found out so we head to church to share our blessings with our church family. Paster Steve gave the announcement and everyone was of course so happy to hear the news. While in the middle of the service, I look down and I notice, I have my dress on backwards! How did this happen? It was too funny and I snuck away to the bathroom to switch it around really quick. When I got up of course everyone in church looked at me and knew exactly where I was going, because every pregnant girl has to use the bathroom quite often! So I kind of got off of the hook with no one knowing except my family that I made a oops with this pregnancy brain of mine! haha. After church was over there was a line a mile long to even get to talk to us for people to give their blessings. It was like we were new members of the church all over again!

It was also the day of Cassie's baby shower. Cassie's one of my employees at the b.hive and she is expecting twins! She is almost 35 weeks along and the baby boys could come at any time! While we are at the shower she gets a lot of great items she was in much need of. Little did we know, she was starting to leak fluid so she called her doctor and they told her to come in as soon as she could because it could be time for them to arrive! The shower finished a little early but that was ok, at least the shower was before the babies arrived! After everyone had left me and my best childhood friend, Ashley sat down and got to talk about a lot of things because we don't get to see each other as much as we should. She started to ask me what names we were thinking of and I told her for the 1st boy (if we have one) Wesley. Wesley is the name of my late grandpa who we were very close to and we know he is watching over us and making sure we get taken care of. Ashley was also close to my grandpa so of course it was an emotional moment and she started to cry! We continued to talk about everything that was about to happen and she gave me some good baby advice as well even though she doesn't have any children. Later that night, Cassie texted me and said she had dilated to a 2 and they wanted to keep her to make sure everything was ok with the progress. We are so excited and can't wait to meet Brody and Bentley. 

How are we going to do this?

Everything is still so overwhelming! All of our family and friends are still in shock but they are starting to help us get things figured out. Casey, Justin's sister wrote Oprah and my Casey wrote Ellen, Huggie's and Pamper's to see if we can get some help with the quads! Our friend Laura started a Facebook page for us called "Masencup Quadruplets". It is going to be used for us to keep updates with the babies and on any events that our friends may be planning to help us raise some money. She also started us a bank account at Allegacy where our friends and community can make donations. As the week goes on the news continues to roll around town and people are still calling asking if it is true or a rumor! Everyone is saying they are going to help us in any way, which we are very thankful for. On Wednesday I had a total melt down to Justin. My hormones are going crazy so of course it was bound to happen sometime! My major concern was "how are we going to make house payments, and we have to get rid of this cat!!". By friday someone had called and was willing to take Tiger off of our hands. It's sad that we have to get rid of him, but the cat hair is out of control and because he stays in the room where the babies will be we have to.

He's so sweet and pretty! We are going to miss him!

On Saturday, January 22nd Mom, Casey and I head to Raleigh. Abbey, my cousin had told us about a HUGE consignment sale called the Kids Exchange. It was free for the community and you could get some great deals on all sorts of baby, toddler and children items. It was crazy how much stuff they had at this sale but we took everything in, by taking our time to see what exactly we would need for the babies in their first months. We got some great deals on boppies, and clothes for each gender even though we aren't sure what they are yet. We could have got so much more, but now we know what exactly the Kids Exchange is and will totally be going back! After that we head back to Winston, next stop babies'r'us. We took our time looking through everything we would need and also registering for some 'had to have' items. Finally we found our stroller solution! We found a great double stroller for after they are old enough to sit up on their own, but the good part was we could fold it down to where we could lock in 2 carries on the strollers. So of course we are going to need 2 of those along with 4 carriers. They had bouncy seats and swings on sale so mom was gracious enough to buy me and justin 2 of each. While looking around we ran into Audrey and Jane, 2 of our great friends. They gave us some great tips on what were the best items to get, and they really helped us out a lot. Thank God for friends that have already had babies! While we were shopping Justin called with some wonderful news!! Someone was willing to help us with some house payments! It's a blessing from God and we are so thankful! The 2 major concerns of my meltdown are taken care of, yayyy!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The day of SHOCK!

On January 17th it was time for our first visit to the doctor for our ultrasound of our little baby! So we thought.  We could not wait to hear the heartbeat, and be reassured that everything was ok! While the nurse is staring at the ultrasound her eyes become huge and she covers her mouth with a little smerk. Immediately Justin asks whats wrong. She smiles and shakes her head and states "I'll be right back, I'm going to get someone else to get a second look because I see 4 heartbeats!" I have never seen Justin with this look on Justin's face, he really almost fainted! As we wait our emotions run wild and we both begin to freak! All I can say is "how did this happen I wasn't on fertility drugs?" The nurse says "it looks like you had two eggs and they split making them two sets of identical twins." Justin automatically says he has to go have a cigarette! While he's out of the room I call Casey (my sister) to tell her what is going on. Of course she was asleep because it was her day off. I had to explain to her, "there is 4 Casey, A, B, C, AND D thats 4 babies and i'm not lying! I'm just waiting for someone to come in the room and say your punked, but they haven't!" Of course she didn't believe me because she was half asleep so she ends up calling me back in about two minutes to make sure I wasn't kidding. After that I called mom, and I couldn't even get out that we were having 4 babies without crying. After we finished up we walk through the doctors office and everyone was pointing and saying "thats them, those are the ones having 4 babies'. It was like we were celebrities! They told us our due date is September 5th 2011 but it may be earlier when the babies come. We went through the rest of our appointment like normal and walked out not feeling not so normal.

What happens after you find out your having quads??? Here are four things I thought I needed to do immediately.We headed to the hospital to tell Justin's mom, Karen, who is a nurse. She is so excited and can't even hold her composure! The phones continue to ring and Justin and I are of course calling and telling whoever we can think of! After that we met up with Casey and Lucas to eat at Panera Bread! We couldn't even eat because we were so excited and our phones were going off every 5 seconds! It hadn't even been 2 hours since we found out and the whole town was starting to know. The word spread like wildfire! Here are the four things I thought I needed to do. Go to Best Buy. Justin decided to buy a video camera, which is a good idea considering we are having 4 babies running around doing some pretty interesting things! Every moment is going to be documented!  Next, of course I know nothing about babies, much less quads so Casey and I decided to stop by Barnes and Noble to see if theres any books that could help us along the way. If your wondering there is nothing specifically on multiples just books about twins.  Then it was off to Babies 'R' Us. Casey and I had no idea what we were even looking for, but thats one reason we wanted to go and check it out.  We started to register, which really meant scanning diapers 10 times for each size, my mind was on OVERLOAD! There was so much to look at and decide and I was so overwhelmed that we looked around for maybe 30 mins and said "sheww we got to get out of here"! Our next stop, the mall! A little retail therapy was just what we needed to get our mind off the amazing, but shocking news. Plus, I also needed some prego clothes because for some reason I already was having problems fitting into them (maybe it's because there are 4 babies and not 1 haha). Later, we had to go to see mom to show her the photos and ultrasound video! She was still in shock but so excited also. The planning started immediately but still it felt like it was dream!

This is were Casey decided to park at Best Buy! Haha!