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Justin and I have truly been blessed so much! We were blessed with quadruplets but 2 have became our guardian angels! We know our baby boys, Addison and Levi are watching down, helping God take care of us and Wesley and Cooper. This is the start of our journey so I have decided to make this blog for updates of all of the emotions and excitement that will happen along the way! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers! Thanks to everyone for all of the congrats.! We are so excited and are thankful to have great family, friends and community that are wanting to help us! No one will ever understand how much it means to us! If it's your first time visiting our blog, start at the bottom and work your way up, or on the right hand side you can look by date.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hello everyone! Sorry for not blogging in a week! Things have been quite busy and it's quite hard to give myself time to do nothing but rest. I am constantly wanting to keep going but thanks to my family and friends, they are watching after me to make sure I get as must rest as I can. Last Monday a client of mine offered to take some photos of me. I wasn't sure how they would turn out with my large belly but they are wonderful! Here are some previews from her webpage!

How sweet are these boots! :) The 2 butterflies are in Memory of Addison and Levi. 

Over the weekend I had to do hair for my other little sister's (or at least it seems she is) wedding! It was absolutely wonderful besides the MASSIVE amount of rain and me getting my car stuck then running into a bush! Let's just say by the end of the night I was never more ready to get into my bed. My best friend, Brandi was with me. She is pregnant as well so you can only imagine the hormones flying around inn the car, haha! Thank God I have people around me that aren't an emotional wreck like Brandi and I. So my car got pulled out by a tractor! haha. Here are some photos of the wonderful Bride, Dani and her bridesmaids! 

Justin and I went to the doctor yesterday and it was nothing but good news! The doctor said I did need to cut back my hours at work but that I was doing wonderful. My belly is measuring at a whopping 35 weeks and I am only 24 weeks yesterday. He said I wasn't going to make it to 40 weeks (which I figured) , so it would be about 36-38 weeks when I would have the boys! That means ONLY 12 WEEKS away! Holy moly that is 3 MONTHS! I can't believe this pregnancy has absolutely flew by! Here are some photos of the belly and the boys. Baby C, (who i think will end up being Cooper) did a complete flip in the middle of the ultrasound. Guess, he is going to be the wild child. 

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